Brabrabra, a campaign of appreciation for the female body


We used to work together with the brabrabra brand and proved in a national promo campaign that underwear can be both comfortable and beautiful. We invited Alyona Alyona who rapped about the difficult fate of women's breasts, and we had a new and young audience of women aged 18–35 fall in love with the brand. Next, we faced the task of scaling success among all age groups and attracting women aged 25–45.
The brand's position remained unchanged: women's underwear should be more than beautiful and seductive, it should be comfortable. For some reason, women tolerate when the straps dig into their skin, when the seams leave marks, when the fabric rubs or causes irritation, when the bra does not support the breasts properly and their back hurts… The tolerance for discomfort is a sign that women–unfortunately–lack care for themselves and their body, so they often choose the wrong underwear.



Brabrabra’s mission for this campaign is: love your body and start to take care of it. To help women love their bodies, we looked to psychology and learned that the first step is gratitude.
So we decided that brabrabra should be the first brand that teaches women to love their body and thank it for its endurance and understanding, and brabrabra underwear is one of the best options for appreciation.



For the sincerity of our message, we invited the YouTube celebrity Masha Efrosynina known for her complex relationship with her body as the campaign’s ambassador. She used to be plump, as she says, and for many years the audience watched Masha lose weight and struggle with her diffidence. But even after the celebrity had worked hard enough to look like a top model, she still didn’t learn to love her body and, as she herself admitted, often hid it with concealing clothing and suffered from uncomfortable underwear. Realizing that she shares brabrabra’s philosophy, Masha took the courage to appreciate her body and, for the first time in her life, to be photographed in underwear so that she can inspire other women to love their bodies.


Campaign stage 1: Remember everything and thank your body

The campaign was based on the celebrity’s confession video, in which she talked about her journey from body hatred to finally love. Actually, this is not just Masha’s story; all but a few women have a similar experience So, the video touched people’s feelings, with many comments like “I’m moved to tears” and “Got goosebumps”. And thanks to the successful coincidence of the brand idea and Masha’s story, the message got stronger attracting both the celebrity’s fans and opponents.

Campaign stage 2: Thank your body with comfortable brabrabra underwear

Total duration of the confession video was 54 seconds, so only the engaged audience watched it until the end. Next, we interacted only with those users who either went to the website or watched the video for at least 80%. We showed them product informers and two affirmation videos, in which Masha thanked her body choosing comfortable underwear from the new brabrabra collection. All these materials led the user to, where they could order a set from the new collection.


The campaign was so appealing to users that its metrics exceeded all our expectations by 1,5–2 times, in no small part due to Masha's popularity. Her personal story got us in all top news and lifestyle publications, as well as Digital TV. And most importantly, we showed women how to start loving their bodies: with small steps and brabrabra underwear.

  • 30%
    more new customers visited the stores and website
  • by 100%
    brand inquiries increased
  • 2nd
    most popular among Ukrainian underwear brands
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