TheDonationMap campaign emerged against the backdrop of a pressing need for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The brief was clear: leverage the digital landscape to facilitate direct support for rebuilding efforts. The objective was to create an innovative direct marketing campaign that resonated with the global gaming community, specifically within Fortnite, to raise funds for the Prybuzka ambulatory clinic. This initiative aimed to transform gamers' virtual engagements into real-world impact.

The campaign's success would be measured by the funds raised and the direct engagement metrics within the gaming platform, reflecting a new era of digital philanthropy.


The idea of TheDonationMap is to redirect Fortnite’s monetization feature to support UNITED24 generating donations through the time gamers spend on a dedicated Fortnite Map.

 It’s a groundbreaking fusion of gaming and philanthropy, transforming the virtual world of Fortnite into a direct marketing platform for social good. By recreating Kyiv’s Independence Square within the game, it offered gamers a unique opportunity to contribute to the real-world cause of rebuilding the Prybuzka ambulatory clinic in Ukraine. It’s a win win activation. By spending time on the map, gamers earn XP to develop their avatar and Fortnite pays the map’s creator : United24.


The Donation Map’s creative concept was to revolutionize the traditional donation process by harnessing Fortnite’s monetization system, allowing players to support UNITED24 through gameplay. This ingenious approach provided a win-win situation: gamers earned XP for their avatars while playing on a map that recreated Kyiv’s Independence Square, and Fortnite compensated UNITED24, the map’s creator. It’s a pioneering blend of gaming and philanthropy, transforming the virtual world into a direct marketing platform for social good, and enabling gamers to contribute to rebuilding the Prybuzka ambulatory clinic in Ukraine effortlessly. This initiative reflects a deep understanding of the youth’s commitment to meaningful causes, offering them a way to engage without financial barriers, thus driving both commercial success and engagement.

It took months to develop the map and recreate exactly the Maidan in Ukraine. When the map was ready, we launched the activation in a very precise timeline.

The timeline was carefully planned, with a PR burst at launch and sustained visibility thereafter. Placement was global, utilizing DOOH in strategic locations worldwide, media coverage across general, tech, gaming, and daily news, influencer partnerships, and In-Stream campaigns.

The goal was to reach a broad audience and directing them to the map to make money.
The international media plan, made possible by the generosity of industry actors, allowed for free global resonance. The aim is to make visiting the map a habitual, intergenerational activity, transforming virtual support into tangible aid.

This execution strategy ensured a wide-reaching impact in a very quick way.


In under a month, TheDonationMap drew over 100k players from 51 countries, hitting Fortnite’s “hidden gems” top spot for 24 hours and staying in the TOP #10 most searched maps post-launch. It organically became a hub for unity, with players sharing supportive moments. The map’s appeal and user motivation are evident, with a favorable return rate and an educational exploration mode on Independence Square’s history, stressing prolonged engagement. This project, far from expiring, will continue aiding Mikolaiv’s outpatient clinic reconstruction, becoming a staple for all generations, ensuring sustained support. 

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